Hyrum-Peterson -300x257jpgHyrum Peterson, Director of Infrastructure







Public/Capital Works Executive Assistant: Vonna Moses

Public Works Officer: Jerrod Peterson

Maintenance Supervisor: Jason Sterling

Capital Public Works Clerk: Alison Cisco

Maintencance Technician Assitant: Skyler Peterson


As temperatures begin to dip this winter, it’s important to know how to prevent your home’s water pipes from freezing. Frozen water pipes in unheated basements and crawl spaces can be messy and expensive to fix. Those with a crawl space need to leave one of your taps trickling throughout the night to prevent freeze up.

For the septic it is beneficial to dump a minimum of three boiling hot kettles daily to keep septic tank warm and frost free. This is not needed for those homes in the band school subdivision or any buildings connected to a community sanitary system. For more information or clarification, please contact Hyrum Peterson, Director of Infrastructure, at 250-315-8575.

Capital and Public Works

Administers funds related to our facilities, housing and infrastructure.  This includes maintenance of band facilities, local roads, community water and septic systems, sewage and waste management.

The Public and Capital Works Department manages the infrastructure and servicing requirements of municipal services, such as potable water system and private wells, sewage, roads and streets, snow removal, waste management, upkeep of green spaces, public buildings and maintenance of the cemetery.

The program also manages and implements the Capital Infrastructure Management Plan.

The Public and Capital Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the following facilities:

  • Lower Nicola Indian Band School
  • Lower Nicola Indian Band Health Center
  • Lower Nicola Indian Band Office
  • Shulus Community Arena
  • Shulus Arbor
  • Community Hall (Shulus Hall)
  • Fire Dept.
  • Four domestic water systems, two with reservoirs and fire protection
  • Dam at the south end of Mameet Lake
  • Waste water system
  • Shulus Gardens
  • Elders’ Building
  • Family Centre
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Shulus Cemetery
  • 2 churches


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