Community Photographs

Fun Day 2017- July 21st

Rocky Pines Community Centre Ground Breaking Ceremony


Yvonne Basil Memorial PowWow - photos from Sunday June 11, 2017

Turn me Loose in Shulus 2017

Remembrance Day 2016

Halloween 2016

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imgl5275_1   imgl5274_1

Community Hoedown 2016


  dpp_0045    dpp_0047    dpp_0053


  dpp_0060    dpp_0050    dpp_0085


               dpp_0087                dpp_0090                  dpp_0093


dpp_0107                  dpp_0100                    dpp_0073   


dpp_0081    dpp_0083    dpp_0049


dpp_0109    dpp_0116    dpp_0110

Solar Garden Project

dji_0006    dji_0041    dpp_0007

        dpp_0013             dpp_0033     dpp_0034




Turn Me Loose In Shulus 2016

imgl2563    imgl2565    imgl2587

imgl2588    imgl2611    imgl2624



Welcome Spring and Easter Celebration 2016


Lots more photos were taken!  See Community Services for your copy of prints of your family/child.

Community Christmas Party 2015

A great turn out, excellent food and plenty of entertainment from Santa and the children.  Copies of photographs are available from Community Services (there are over 200 photos of Santa and the children and some adults:  you'll remember if Ruth of Time f/Stopped Photography snapped your likeness).


IMGL1072 - Copy - CopyIMGL1364    IMGL1078 - Copy (2) - Copy


            IMGL1189                   IMGL1343    IMGL1373

IMGL1440                  IMGL1443                  IMGL1447

IMGL1300    IMGL1476     IMGL1437


Remembrance Day 2015


IMGL0463    IMGL0466    IMGL0447


IMGL0448    IMGL0446    IMGL0457


IMGL0469    IMGL0459    IMGL0461


IMGL0460    IMGL0473    IMGL0466


IMGL0464    IMGL0462    IMGL0458


IMGL0455    IMGL0451    IMGL0448   




LNIB held its first Annual General Assembly on Thursday August 20th at the Shulus Arbour.

IMG_1461    IMG_1466    IMG_1467

IMG_1454    IMG_1478    IMG_1483

IMG_1486    IMG_1457    IMG_1458


Grads, Achievements and Elders were honoured:


IMG_1518    IMG_1535    IMG_1547


IMG_1567    IMG_1576     IMG_1595


IMG_1611    IMG_1700

Prizes were won, food was shared:


IMG_1651    IMG_1660    IMG_1661


IMG_1667    IMG_1669    IMG_1670