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The member section is restricted to members of the Lower Nicola Indian Band. LNIB members currently in our database have been automatically added to the members section. Please read the information below for further instructions on how to login.

Member Login Instructions

Step 1)  Please use your FIRSTNAME+LASTNAME as your username. For example, Justin Trudeau username would be justintrudeau.

Step 2) Please use your Status Number as your password.

To recap:
Password: Status Number


Member Login FAQs

Q: What if I have a middle name?
A: Always try to login using your FIRSTNAME+LASTNAME but if that doesn't work than you might have a duplicate name with another member. You can try using your FIRSTNAME+MIDDLENAMEINITIAL+LASTNAME. For example, georgewbush.

Q: What if I have a hyphenated or double surname?
A: Please remove any hyphens, spaces, or special characters between the LASTNAME. For example, Jean Claude Van Damme username would be jeanclaudevandamme. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus username would be julialouisdreyfus.

Q: I still cannot login to the member section and I am a LNIB member?
A: If you still cannot login to the member section please contact the website administrator at or

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