Lower Nicola Band School Awards Day BBQ

Catering bids are now being accepted by Lower Nicola Indian Band School for the Awards Day BBQ Scheduled for Wednesday June 29, 2016

  • Seeking bids for Wednesday June 29, 2016
  • Cost estimates for a guaranteed 200, including plates, utensils, cups, beverages (coffee, tea, water, juice), condiments (salt/pepper, butter, etc)
  • Lunch 12:00pm Noon
  • Caterer to ensure that acceptable number of crew has Food Safe certificates
  • Menu must include food/ dessert items for special dietary needs
  • Ability to serve meal within a limited amount of time (provision of at least 2 lines passing through the buffet tables);
  • 50% of bid could be advanced to successful bid to assist with preparation
  • Responsible to CLEAN UP up tables, garbage, kitchen, and maintain EQUIPMENT - PUT GREASE INTO TIN CANS!
  • Responsible for full organization for entirety of meal preparation (shopping, serving, recruiting helpers, clean up, bring own cooking supplies: pots etc...
  • Lowest bid may/may not be considered

The Band School kitchen and facilities will be available for successful bidder to prepare.

Deadline for bids June 22, 2016 by noon 12pm

Submit bids to:

Angie Sterling (Principal)


Fax: 250-378-6389