LNIB Committees

Decision making relies strongly on the input of band members.  Towards that end, Chief and Council have struck a number of committees and invite band members to participate.  Below is a list of the Committees, and an application for you to serve as a Committee Member.


Terms of Reference: Posting for LNIB Finance Committee May 15 2017

Current Committee Appointees - Councillor Connie Joe, Chair, Julia Dick

LNIB School Board - Terms of Reference:School Board Terms of Ref

Councillor Bill Bose, Chair
Councillor Joanne Lafferty
Robert Mathews
Julia Dick
Mandie Jimmie

Lands Management Advisory Committee -
Councillor Harold Joe, Chair
Madeline Lenaro (4 yr)
Gene Moses (4 yr)
Louise Moses (4 yr)
Trena Tom (2 yr)
Andrea Richie (2 yr)
Ira Sterling (2 yr)

LNIB Education Policy Review Committee - Work completed

Members are: Madeline Lanero, Lucinda Seward, Stuart Jackson, Darlene Vallee,Sondra Tom, Ryan Mann, Lynne Charlton, and Molly Toodlican

Interested in participating?  Please complete this form:  Lower Nicola Indian Band Committee Application 2015  and return to the Band Office.  Committee members will be appointed  by Chief and Council. Committees will meet once a month, however at the beginning they may be required to meet more often to get things started. Some committees will be driven by deadlines. The band will offer honorarium for committee members as well.