LNIB Land Code Important Documents

Lower Nicola Indian Band members can review the important documents related to Land Code below.

Members will be voting on the LNIB Land Code in the coming months — so it is important to read and understand these important documents. If you have any questions or would like assistance working through any of the documents — please contact our Land Code Champion by email landcodechampion@lnib.net or call us at the Band Office at 250-378-5157.

Notice of Vote: (Download PDF)

1. Land Code

2. Individual Agreement

2.1 Individual Agreement Annexes

Annex A: Funding Provided by Canada (Download PDF)

Annex B: Details for the Revenue Moneys Transfer (Download PDF)

Annex C: List of Interests and Licenses Granted by Canada (Download PDF)

Annex D: List of all Existing Information in Canada's Possession Respecting any Actual or Potential Environmental Problems with the First Nation Lands (Download PDF)

Annex E: List of other Information Provided by Canada that Materially Affects Interests and Licenses (Download PDF)

Annex F: Interim Environmental Assessment Process (Download PDF)

Annex G: Description of Lower Nicola First Nation Land (Download PDF)

Land Descriptions

3. Community Ratification Process (CRP)

4. First Nation Land Management Act (FNLMA) - Bill C-49

5. Framework Agreement