Land Code News

Land Code: Did You Know? | Councillor Arthur Dick

Does Land Code impact LNIB Title and Rights? No! Developing a Land Code and Agreement will not define or prejudice inherent, or any other Aboriginal rights of LNIB. And it will not negatively impact our ability to negotiate claims in the future! Is Land Code the same...

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Land Code: Did You Know? | Chief Aaron Sam

Will Land Code give Chief and Council more power? No! The Land Code actually includes greater accountability requirements for LNIB leadership. Once the Land Code is in place, Council will be required to follow the rules set out for managing lands and revenues (some...

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Land Code Community Picnic - Joeyaska

Join us this Tuesday on Joeyaska #2 to discuss the LNIB Land Code It is important that members make an informed decision on the LNIB Land Code and Individual Agreement. Come join us outside and on the land to discuss what an LNIB Land could mean for our community....

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