HVC: Our land, our agreements

Highland Valley Copper agreements give us a say in how mine is run, and bring revenue for LNIB.

New agreements regarding the HVC mine in our territory mean we now share the mine’s revenue and have a real say in how the mine is run.

There are two agreements: one with HVC and a Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA) with the Province of BC. More detail is available in the latest update for members HERE.

HVC Agreement
Our agreement with HVC gives us the ability to protect the environment and to help preserve our land. It ensures preferential jobs and contracting opportunities for our people. It offers financial compensation - money that can be reinvested into a strong LNIB future.

New positions being created include an LNIB Environmental Coordinator, an Employment Coordinator and a Contract Manager.

There will also be an implementation committee comprised of at least 4 members — half appointed by LNIB and half appointed by HVC. This will meet quarterly to review the implementation plans and provide recommendations.

Provincial Agreement
Our RSA means we will receive a percentage of the incremental tax revenue collected by British Columbia from HVC. It is different from past agreements that the Province has created with First Nation and will not impact our title and rights. We can terminate the agreement at any time if the relationship is not working out.