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PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence) training available.  Contact Bridget Labelle ( for more information and/or to get on the list for training.


WST July 21 2017 PDF  Watershed Talk Newsletter

Fishing Protocols issued by the chiefs of the NTA - August 25, 1999:

  1. Keep fishing area clean of all garbage
  2. No cleaning of fish on grounds, please take your fish home and clean them there
  3. Respect our monitors on site
  4. Report your total catch to on site monitors.  We need this information so we can manage our fisheries responsibly
  5. Please respect the needs of others, and take what you need
  6. Please share the sites with people waiting to fish.  If there are people waiting to use the site, please allow other people to fish
  7. No alcohol or drugs on fishing grounds.


FISHERIES UPDATE:  August 20th, Nicola Dame Flow Release Meeting:  Here's what's happening:  Nic Dam flow rel mtg Aug 20-15

Fraser Salmon Update:  WST - Fraser Salmon Update


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