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2017 LNIB Chinook Licence

2016 LNIB Chinook Aug 3 XFSC

There are no more sockeye opportunities for Summer Run Sockeye salmon; Summer Run has been downgraded to 600,000 total summers which will fall short of the escapement goal of 600,000 with the current predicted  on route loss.

Please remember when going fishing to have your status card with you, and a copy of the current fishing licence.  Remember also that there are penalties and fines for any non-status members of your fishing party.

Latest Information from the Pacific Salmon Commission (PSC):


  • During the Panel call today, the run size for Early Stuart sockeye remained unchanged at the 25% probability run size of 22,000.  The estimated escapement past Mission of Early Stuart sockeye as of August 1st is 17,900 fish. At this time the return of Early Stuart sockeye is considered to nearly be completed in the marine and lower Fraser River areas. A final in-season run size adjustment to Early Stuart is expected to occur on Friday.
  • Early Summer run sockeye have continued to track well below the 50% probability forecast of 447,000. During the Panel call today the run size for Early Summer run sockeye was reduced to 300,000 with a 50% run timing of July 22nd in Area 20. The estimated escapement past Mission of Early Summer run stocks as of August 1st is 181,400 fish. There is a high degree of uncertainty (the Dept. is taking a precautionary approach to current FSC fisheries)
  • Test fishing numbers were not strong the last few days, but marine FSC catches were good.

WST - Fraser Salmon Report - 2016.08.12

Letter from Kanaka Bar Indian Band regarding fishing in their territory:  Fishing Letter for AUg 1 2016



Fisheries and Oceans Canada May 22016

 Fraser Salmon Management Council - FSMC Community Report - 2015.11.30

Open Letter to new federal Minister:  Open Letter - the damaged state of BC Wild Salmon Runs



Currently the fishery for sockeye is closed.

Fishing Protocols issued by the chiefs of the NTA - August 25, 1999:

  1. Keep fishing area clean of all garbage
  2. No cleaning of fish on grounds, please take your fish home and clean them there
  3. Respect our monitors on site
  4. Report your total catch to on site monitors.  We need this information so we can manage our fisheries responsibly
  5. Please respect the needs of others, and take what you need
  6. Please share the sites with people waiting to fish.  If there are people waiting to use the site, please allow other people to fish
  7. No alcohol or drugs on fishing grounds.


FISHERIES UPDATE:  August 20th, Nicola Dame Flow Release Meeting:  Here's what's happening:  Nic Dam flow rel mtg Aug 20-15

Fraser Salmon Update:  WST - Fraser Salmon Update


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