Membership & Status Cards

Membership Administrator: Geraldine Bangham

Alternate Administrator: Vonna Moses

Do we have your current information?

We have 1,259 members on our current membership roll.  Keeping track of contact information including mailing addresses is an on-going task and one that we rely on the membership to help us with.  Email us when your contact info changes
Maintaining an current contact list for members if vital for Band elections, keeping you informed, and sharing goodies.



 Scheduled appointments MUST BE BOOKED on

 Wednesday’s from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

 Clients must provide

Two pieces of I.D. when applying for a status card.

  • One piece of primary I.D. or two pieces of secondary I.D.
  • One of which must have a digitized photo 
Category 1.

Primary I.D.

Category 2

Secondary I.D.

Category 3

Other I.D.


Valid Canadian Passport

-       new Plastic CIS issued after 2002.

-       Certificate of Birth

-       Marriage or Divorce Certificate

-       Provincial Identification Card

-       Driver’s License

-       Employee I.D. with digitized photo

-       Student I.D. with digitized photo

-       Firearms license


-       Guarantor’s form approved by Indian Registration and band lists Manager – AANDC – BC Regional office.


*ABSOLUTLY NO PHOTOCOPIED I.D. or Sin cards Accepted (nor certified photocopies)

* ALL - I.D. must be intact and not expired.



Associated Documents